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Flat Roof Insulation in Northern Ireland - Compare Costs

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It’s no secret that warm air rises, which is why is important to consider Northern Ireland flat roof insulation. Homeowners with flat roofs know there are special challenges involved in the care of flat roofs, and insulating them is no exception to this. When performed properly, this upgrade can effectively pay for itself. The key to a job done right is finding a knowledgeable contractor.

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Types of Insulation Used For Flat Roofs

Generally speaking, insulation that comes in large rolls should not be used to weatherproof flat roofs. That’s because doing so could result in a lack of ventilation since the amount of airflow between the rafters and the roof is already rather limited. This could result in moisture building up in that space, thereby creating mould and mildew damage. The two types of insulation that are recommended for flat roofs include:

  • Spray foam - this material comes in a pressurised tank that has a hose and nozzle extending from it. A foam gun is attached to this nozzle in order to extract the material. It then shoots out of that instrument much like shaving cream from a can does. Since spray foam expands as it dries, it takes an expert touch to deliver precisely the right amount of insulation into the desired area.
  • Cellulose insulation - this is loose material that is derived from plant-based matter. It can also be made from recycled paper or fabric. It is blown in with a special machine that is designed especially for this purpose.


Several things need to be taken into account when performing flat roof insulation. All Northern Ireland contractors should make sure there is adequate ventilation on either side of the structure to allow for good air flow. It’s also important to make sure the roof is in good condition, as water can pool on the surface and eventually seep into the space below. Should this happen, the insulation could become damaged or mould and mildew could accumulate inside the area. Whenever there is a break between insulated areas, this needs to be properly sealed to keep warm air from leaking out around it.

considerations of Northern Ireland flat roofing insulation
benefits of insulating Northern Ireland flat roofing

Benefits of Northern Ireland Flat Roof Insulation

One of the biggest reasons why people decide to insulate their flat roofs is to reduce energy bills. Adding insulation to the space between the rafters and the roof effectively pushes warm air back down into the space below thereby keeping buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Insulation can also provide a barrier against noise and this can be helpful for those who live in congested areas or near airports. Since a thorough inspection of the roof must be done beforehand, adding flat roof insulation Northern Ireland can help homeowners become aware of any needed repairs sooner than they might otherwise.

Drawbacks of Flat Roof Insulation

Due to the intricate nature of insulating flat roofs, labour costs can often be somewhat expensive. It can also be difficult to find a contractor who is experienced in performing this type of work in order to ensure the job is done right. That’s where we can help as there are a number of providers in our extensive network who are both knowledgeable and affordable.

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Insulating an Existing Flat Roof

If you find your energy costs soaring, or if it becomes difficult to keep your home or business comfortable, a lack of insulation may be the culprit. However, if it isn’t time for a roof replacement, adding additional insulation may seem impossible. Fortunately, it’s possible to insulate a flat roof from the inside. This involves removing the ceiling, or at the very least, creating holes in the ceiling for the addition of spray foam, but it is far less involved than removing the roof to add insulation from the outside. Your unique home or building structure will ultimately determine the course of action, and your contractor can provide more information about the best approach.

Northern Ireland flat roof insulation costs

Northern Ireland Flat Roof Insulation Costs

A number of things go into calculating an estimate for Northern Ireland flat roof insulation. The most common considerations are:

  1. Size of the roof – more space to insulate means a higher bottom line
  2. Whether foam or cellulose insulation is being used as foam is generally a more expensive material
  3. Condition of the roof – if repairs are required, this could raise the cost of this project a great deal
  4. Whether or not additional ventilation needs to be added
  5. Type of access – attic spaces that are difficult to access could take longer to insulate and therefore require additional labour

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Not a DIY Job

When it comes to performing roof-related work such as installing insulation, many property owners try to take shortcuts and do the work themselves – often with disastrous consequences. Although you may initially think you’ll save money by doing the work yourself, the truth is that you will inevitably have to call in the experts after seeing that your DIY job is not up to standard. An added advantage of getting an expert roofing contractor in to install flat roof insulation is that they will know what type of insulation will be best to use in your roof.

insulate a flat roof yourself
reasons to avoid batts

Reasons to Avoid Batts

Batts are very popular in pitched roofs because they’re inexpensive, effective, and easy to install. Although it seems as if the same would apply to a flat roof, that’s not at all the case. Bear in mind that there will be very little space between the ceiling and the roof, and it’s important for some air to flow freely in that space to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can wreak havoc on your home and even create health problems. Building codes also require a certain amount of ventilation in the chamber between the ceiling and roof, so batts are not a good choice.

Your Northern Ireland flat roof insulation questions answered

Generally, insulation for flat roofs is installed inside the building, just above the ceiling. Professional insulation installers will frequently include over-roof sheathing with multiple layers of foam and fibreglass insulation designed to add up to the desired R-value.

Insulation can be a fairly easy do-it-yourself job, but this will depend on how easy it is for you to access the interior of your ceiling or your roof. Over-roof sheathing should be done by a professional to prevent problems or leaks.

No, it is possible to allow for a small gap between them to allow for good airflow. The amount of space should ideally be no wider than half a centimetre.

Although it may seem like you have been quoted an relatively high price to have flat roofing insulation installed, the amount of money it will save you on your energy bills throughout the year will more than make up for this within a year or two at the most.

Yes – to a degree. Certain materials, such as rubber, act as natural insulators from the outside environment. However, it’s vital to remember that even the most efficient materials cannot take the place of traditional flat roof insulation.

Spray insulation is best when insulation already exists, but you need to increase the R-value. The use of spray insulation does not make it more difficult to track leaks should they occur in the future, contrary to popular belief.

With various types of insulation available, the best way to determine which type of insulation to use – and how much – is to obtain a quote from a professional roofing contractor. These individuals will often come to your home to analyse the structure, the roof itself, and the existing insulation. Then, they can make recommendations as far as the type of insulation that will benefit you most.

The cost of your insulation will depend in the type being used and the size of your roof. The network of Northern Ireland roofers we access will be able to provide you with a quote beforehand though.

Again, this will depend on the size of your roof and the type of insulation that is being installed. The roofing experts will be able to advise you which insulation will be most effective on your property.

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Our home has a flat roof and is not only unbearably cold during winter; our heating bills are excessively high as well. We need you to provide a quote for us as to how much it will be to install insulation in our roof please.

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It seems our old builder used inferior quality insulation, and now we need to have it replaced. Please provide a quote for flat roof insulation.

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We would like to know the best type of insulation for our new extension. We were just going to use standard insulation but if there's a better or cheaper alternative then please get in touch with a quote.

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